Qingdao Xinyide Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. locates in Pingdu, Qingdao city, which is the hometown of straw crafts with a long history in the arts and crafts. With the development of the times, our factory has established a professional team that can provide product design, production, packing, and other comprehensive business.

Quality Manufacturing

Every detail of the product we are strict requirements to ensure product quality. We have BSCI certification, CPC certification, MSDS report, and ISO9001 quality control system. From raw materials to finished products processing to sales are completed independently,and you can do a good iob of quality management and after-sales service

New Products Development & Design

We will make the latest product design according to the current fashion style, color, and element.. Independent R&D department, design team, NAD con- tract to keep product protection. We can provide the latest hot product recom- mendation, for your local sales to increase competitiveness

Case 1

On April 15, 2022, we received an inquiry form from a customer on the platform. A Romanian customer, who was making baby basket products

Case 2

The first thing to say is that opportunities are important, but you must know how to persevere in doing things. This case is from an Amazon customer.

Case 3

As a traditional storage basket production and processing factory, in the early years, we were more supplying traders. We have long-term cooperative traders.

Case 4

Firstly, we communicated with each other and found their pain point is that their old vendor can’t enough ability to support their innovate.