Pingdu straw weaving is a traditional handicraft in Shandong Province, which has a history of 150 years.
Xinyide factory is located in a beautiful Dianzi town, which has a large-scale straw handicraft industry cluster and a 150-year history of straw weaving. Telling such a touching story-A brave, sunny, positive&wise boy with his hardworking mother. The boy’s name is Albert Sheng, the factory owner.

30 years ago, there was a state-owned handicraft factory in the local area.There is a young and industrious mother, who is a female worker in this factory, and she is proficient in weaving vari- ous handicrafts.Albert has been influenced by this aspect since childhood.

As soon as I graduated in 2012, I am very optimistic about the local traditional handi craft processing and production, so I resolutely returned to my hometown. After discussing with my mother, I got strong support from my family, so I rented a factory of about 400 square meters, and gathered a dozen workers to do processing for other big factories in the leased factory. l drove trucks to the factory all day to deliver goods and communicated with big bosses in the hope of receiving more processing orders. At this stage, the main products produced are single (polypropylene belt weaving). Although it is very busy, I feel very full and motivated to see that our factory can have work to do.

After three、four years of precipitation, there are more and more workers in our facto-ry, and the processing technology is becoming more and more skilled. We also gradually realize that we can’t just receive processing orders from other big factories. We need to develop and directly connect with wholesalers. At the meanwhile. it is neces sary to expand the production line to process and produce more product categories.

In 2017 year, we formally established Qingdao Xinyide Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., and theoriginal factory can no longer accommodate more workers. Our factory has been up graded again, and the factory area has been expanded to 3,500 square meters.

Having the experience of producing processed products for
foreign customers,I discussed with my colleagues: Our products are very reliable in quality and the processing technology is very skilled.Why not go directly to the end customers-for-deign wholesalers? After everyone’s discussion,it was unani-mously decided that it was necessary to do this, so it was necessary to do it.

In the past 20 years, it has gone through a hard journey from scratch, from small to large. Today, it has a self-built office area, a modern workshop of 4.000 square meters, a professional production workshop and sales team. The employees are young and energetic, and the company keeps growing, with its turnover soaring from zero to 3 million RMB in 2018, 6 million RMB in 2019, 13 million RMB in 2020 and 28 million RMBin 2021.

At present, factory is in the rising stage of steady development, and we cherish every customer and every order.
We always believe that “Quality is the most important like our life for our factory”,each our customer is our greatest wealth, and we must create value for customers and repay them with products and services.

Our story is not over yet. Albert Sheng already has two lovely sons. Let’s look forward to a bright future together.l believe the road ahead will be more exciting.